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The Best Times to Buy a PlayStation 5 Every Year Score discounts on PS5 consoles in 2024.

by Tunae
The Best Times to Buy a PlayStation 5 Every Year - IGN Image

The PlayStation 5 is one of the best gaming systems you can purchase in 2024, but the console is nowhere near cheap. Starting at $399, the PS5 is a purchase you will need to plan for. If you want to play titles like Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Stellar Blade, you need to own the system. Beyond games, PS5 is also great for streaming 4K content to your TV. Luckily, you can find some discounts or bundles on PlayStation 5 consoles throughout the year if you know when to look.


Below, we’ve compiled the best times you can buy a PlayStation 5 throughout 2024 and beyond. From holidays to sales events, there are quite a few opportunities to pick up the console. Each retailer offers different deals and discounts, but we’ve outlined the events you need to pay attention to. The best time to buy a PlayStation 5 is when it is discounted or bundled with a free game, so keep these dates in mind to get the best deal possible.

What Type of PS5 Deal Are You Looking For?

When Should You Buy a PS5?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Overall, your best bet to purchase a discounted PlayStation 5 is Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The annual holidays occur just after Thanksgiving in November, with Black Friday 2024 currently set for November 29. This event mainly refers to in-store deals, with major retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target participating. Some of the best PlayStation 5 offers will only be available in stores on Black Friday.

The other major sales event alongside Black Friday is Cyber Monday. This event is set annually on the Monday following Black Friday, which is Monday, December 2 this year. Cyber Monday focuses on electronics and is exclusively available online. Following last year, we expect to see major PlayStation 5 deals on this day.

Nowadays, the sales event extends from a few weeks before Black Friday to a few weeks after, which ultimately spans the entire holiday season. Major PlayStation 5 bundles are usually up for purchase around this time of year, so you can expect great discounts alongside dozens of discounted games. If you are operating on a budget for the PlayStation 5 consoles and games together, Black Friday is the best time of year by far to pick up a console.

Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day is also an excellent time to purchase a PlayStation 5. Since the sales event falls on the second week of July, any PlayStation 5 discount from Independence Day sales will likely still be available for Prime Day. Alongside this, many PS5 games are likely to be priced low as part of the sale, so you can pick up more games as well.

Other retailers besides Amazon will also hold sales around Prime Day, so this only increases the chance that a PlayStation 5 deal will be available. Sometimes, this means an extended 4th of July sale or a surprise weekend sale. If you’re not in a rush to purchase a PS5, Prime Day 2024 is a great time to buy one.

There’s also Prime Day 2, which takes place in October. This event has been the kickstarter for Black Friday deals in recent years, so you can expect to find PlayStation 5 consoles at a great price here.

Around Major Releases

Sony tends to make console bundles for some of its major releases. This also extends to third-party exclusives like Final Fantasy XVI. Sony tends to discount these PlayStation 5 bundles around the releases of major titles, as it incentivizes customers to pick up a system and check out the new game. Additionally, you can find these PS5 bundles on sale once the included game has been out for a few months, as Sony looks to clear inventory of the bundle. Last year the biggest bundle available came with a copy of Spider-Man 2.

Throughout the Summer

Another great time to buy a PlayStation 5 is summer. Following the major gaming events like Summer Game Fest, Sony and other companies usually hold sales events to celebrate the summer This includes deals on games, accessories, controllers, and consoles, which includes PlayStation 5. The PlayStation Summer Sale usually starts around July and runs through August, making it a great time to buy video games as well.

Late summer is also a great time, as retailers tend to begin preparations for the Fall season. Inventory on older console models is cleared, leading the way for new bundles. PlayStation 5 consoles and other items will likely be available discounted at this time.

PlayStation 5 Pro Is on the Horizon

If you are thinking about purchasing a PlayStation 5, keep in mind that we are currently almost halfway into the console’s lifetime. Nowadays, consoles tend to last anywhere from six to eight years. PlayStation 5 released in November of 2020, meaning we’re already over three years into the cycle of this generation. It’s also worth noting that a new PlayStation 5 console could be on the horizon.

PlayStation 5 Pro, a new console featuring better hardware capabilities, is rumored to debut sometime during the holiday season of 2024. If a console of this caliber interests you, then it might be best to wait for this device to release. At the same time, waiting for the PS5 Pro will likely bring even further PlayStation 5 discounts. Sony could even cut the price of the standard console. Overall, this still makes the Black Friday time period the best time to purchase a PlayStation 5, as the PS5 Pro will be available to purchase.

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