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Antibody Startup Emerges from Stealth: Cell Surface Bio Set to Transform the $10B Antibody Reagent Market

by Tunae
Company debuts catalog of validated, recombinant, specific antibodies against difficult protein targets, providing only the highest quality reagents for life sciences research

PHILADELPHIA, May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Emerging from stealth mode today, Cell Surface Bio (CSB) launches VeRSaMAb research antibodies with the vision of delivering “antibodies that always work,” answering the call of the scientific community for reliable reagents with uncompromising quality. Providing monoclonal antibodies that are extensively validated, recombinantly cloned, and exquisitely specific, CSB is being built to transform the >$10 billion antibody reagent market where currently half of the antibodies sold do not work as designed.


Validated Antibodies with Unparalleled Specificity

VeRSaMAbs are produced at CSB and extensively characterized to ensure reliable results in customers’ experiments every time. Now available for purchase, VeRSaMAbs are:

  • Validated for flow cytometry, immunofluorescence, and other applications
  • Recombinantly cloned for batch-to-batch consistency, enhanced detection, and reproducible results
  • Specific for only the target of interest as assessed across 6,000 native proteins of the Membrane Proteome Array™

Transforming Life Science Reagents

“Cell Surface Bio was created by scientists for scientists,” explained Benjamin Doranz, PhD, Co-founder of Cell Surface Bio. “Every researcher I’ve met, myself included, knows the frustration of time wasted in the lab running experiments with antibodies that simply do not work. Our goal is to provide researchers with only the highest quality monoclonal antibodies that are fully validated and engineered for the highest sensitivity of detection, so that they always work in our customers’ experiments.”

A spin-out of Philadelphia’s Integral Molecular, CSB leverages the parent company’s 20+ years of expertise developing and characterizing therapeutic antibodies that target complex and conserved proteins on the cell surface. CSB’s VeRSaMAbs are derived using the same next-generation platform used to isolate best-in-class drugs, featuring high-throughput mRNA immunization, Lipoparticles™ (virus-like particles) for high-concentration presentation of structurally intact membrane proteins, divergent species (chickens) to generate antibodies against conserved epitopes, and optimized protocols for the isolation of rare antibodies, even for membrane proteins embedded in a lipid bilayer.

VeRSaMAbs are available for a wide range of protein targets across scientific fields, including immunology, oncology, and virology, and CSB’s catalog will continue to expand as MAbs are validated. Visit CSB to suggest new antibodies to add to the catalog!

About Cell Surface Bio
Cell Surface Bio’s mission is to provide researchers with only the highest quality antibodies, because as fellow scientists, we know that your time in the lab is valuable. CSB’s VeRSaMAb antibodies are built on 20+ of expertise in discovering and characterizing antibodies against the most difficult cell surface proteins. VeRSaMAbs are Validated, Recombinant, and Specific to ensure reliable results every time.

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