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Report Shows OCP Foundation’s Commitment to Education, Sustainability

by Tunae

OCP Foundation

Rabat – The OCP Foundation, the social impact arm of the world-leading phosphate producer and exporter OCP Group, recently released its 2023 activity report on “Promoting Inspiring Transformations to Build a Common Future.”

The report highlights the Foundation’s significant contributions in education, sustainable development, and research & development (R&D) initiatives throughout the past year.

As a recognized public-interest organization, the OCP Foundation leverages its resources to fulfill the social and societal commitments of the OCP Group.

The Foundation’s 2023 efforts were marked by a dynamic approach, prioritizing support for R&D, fostering social innovation, promoting inclusive and high-quality education, and strengthening community engagement.

Its reach extended to 11 countries, impacting 109,635 beneficiaries, with a noteworthy 45% being women. The Foundation collaborated on 344 co-construction projects with communities and partnered with 325 organizations across Morocco and the Global South.

In the realm of education, a key focus area, the OCP Foundation supported or initiated 245 projects in 2023. These initiatives empowered 86,279 beneficiaries, with a commendable 49% being young girls.

The Foundation’s efforts also strengthened 147 educational institutions and provided training to 3,803 individuals, including 752 executives.

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In addition, the report highlights the Foundation’s commitment to co-constructing sustainable economic and social initiatives. In 2023, it supported 49 projects, completed nine diagnostics, and assisted 1,956 beneficiaries, again with 44% being women.

The Foundation’s approach in this area revolves around empowerment through awareness raising, skill development, and partner support.

According to the report, the foundation fosters an environment conducive to innovation and knowledge sharing through incubation and data analysis, leading to the development of new operational models.

The OCP Foundation’s unique commitment to R&D is evident in its funding of 142 research projects, support for 18 funds, and assistance provided to 1,810 beneficiaries, the report stressed.

Over the past year, the Foundation trained 50 individuals in Fund Management, working collaboratively with a network of 30 partners.

The report also emphasizes the Foundation’s dedication to the African continent.

Across its 10 partner countries on the continent, the OCP Foundation has over the past year positively impacted 19,590 beneficiaries, covered over 1,700 plots of land, produced radio awareness capsules reaching 1 million listeners, trained over 4,600 individuals, and made significant strides in environmental sustainability by reforesting 155 hectares with over 81,000 plants.

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