In today’s market, the existence of ‘hardcore’ SUVs has come under question. These have historically been associated with several obvious drawbacks but Deepal has addressed these head on with the G318.

A process of thorough research has led to what the brand describes as a ‘unique solution’ that tackles the four traditional paint points: uniform styling, poor driving experience, poor fuel economy and cramped space.

Changan G318 EXT 4

The G318 elevates the traditional silhouette of a hardcore SUV

In particular, the design team felt it was time to give a new look to the hardcore SUV segment, moving it beyond the boxy design associated with icons like the G-Class or Wrangler. “With the passage of time, the aesthetic fatigue of consumers has begun to show,” the Deepal design team says, leading to a new sci-fi inspired design language that is exemplified by the ‘space door’ at the rear of the car. In addition, the Space Gate design of the rear adds to the futuristic feel.