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Parvathy Baul Film ‘Joyguru’ Set as India-U.K.-U.S.-France Co-Production, to Launch Sales at Cannes Market (EXCLUSIVE)

by Tunae
Parvathy Baul
Subhrajyoti Talapatra

Joyguru,” a fictionalized account of the life of Indian mystic artist and music icon Parvathy Baul, will launch sales at the upcoming Cannes Film Market.

Parvathy Baul is a leading exponent of the syncretic Baul minstrel music tradition that is hugely popular and culturally influential across eastern India and Bangladesh.

Written and directed by actor-turned-filmmaker Soumyajit Majumdar (“#Homecoming”), the film will follow folk music icon Radhika Das Baul and popular Bollywood film music director Ritwik during their unlikely collaboration for a pioneering music album of Baul songs transcreated in Hindi, where they form a unique bond, a few days before her sudden and mysterious disappearance from her ashram near Shantiniketan, India.


Currently in scripting stage, the Hindi-language feature film will commence principal photography in 2025, with Asian Film Awards nominee Ravi Varman (“Ponniyin Selvan”) as DoP. The film will be shot across Shantiniketan, Kolkata, Vrindavan and Kerala in India and in parts of the U.K., U.S. and France.


The film is set up as an India-U.K.-U.S.-France co-production with Aparna Dasgupta and Aniruddha Dasgupta of California-based ADited Motion Pictures producing alongside Majumdar’s LOK Arts Collective (India/U.K.). Munsur Ali’s London-based Moringa Studios and Paris-based producer Chayan Sarkar are co-producers.

ADited and LOK are also collaborating on big-budget epic “Devi Chowdhurani: Bandit Queen of Bengal,” which is currently in production and has applied for official Indo-U.K. co-production status. “Joyguru” will also apply after its scripting process is complete.

“Joyguru” was teased at Times Square towards the end of Parvathy Baul’s U.S. concert tour last week.

Parvathy Baul told Variety: “For over a year Soumyajit has done a lot of hard work in researching and preparing for this story and I appreciate his commitment and sincerity for this purpose. Right from the start, the goal is clear to serve this beautiful, age old, timeless spiritual tradition of Baul. It is essentially a selfless service offering to all the Baul masters and the tradition. It is also the most appropriate time to bring Baul wisdom to the wider audience via this medium for I have conviction in the central message of this path, that has profound healing and transformational touch.”


Majumdar added:  “It was an organic calling inside me to make my next film based on her [Parvathy Baul’s] life. When I met her, it was a cathartic experience and an instant connection developed between us. To understand the rhythm of her life and to carefully hear and note the nuances of her enchanting and eventful  journey, I spent the majority of the last year traveling in and out of her ashram – Sanatan Siddhashram near Shantiniketan. Rabindranath Tagore, Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg and many great artists have been influenced by and/or collaborated with Bauls. Currently Baul is in the clutches of a lot of misrepresentation and misperceptions. Baul is a deeply spiritual yogic practice and shouldn’t be marginalized as folk music. Through ‘Joyguru’ we want to bring forward the true essence of the Baul community and the Baul path. We hope it touches as many hearts to do justice to depicting Parvathy Baul’s life, which has touched and transformed so many lives across the world.”

ADited’s Aparna Dasgupta said: “With our second film, we aim to introduce a fresh, captivating sound rooted in the heart of India but destined for global resonance. Through the fascinating life story of Parvathy Baul, we will explore the rich history and untapped potential of this spiritual art form, weaving together music, philosophy, and a universal message of inclusivity. Baul originates from undivided Bengal which incidentally is also my homeland; so this film has a special connection with me. ‘Joyguru’ invites audiences to experience the beauty and depth of Baul music and philosophy, transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries our global film will resonate with viewers worldwide.”


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