Lamborghini has been spotted testing a prototype for its successor to the Huracán, a car thought to be called a Temerario based on recent trademark activity. The name is a Spanish word that roughly translates to “reckless.” Similarly, the car’s Revuelto big brother features a name that translates to “scrambled” or “unruly.”

The new supercar is due in late 2024 with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, and judging by the spy shots and video it will boast a design that’s distinct from the Revuelto, at least on the outside. Inside, there appear to be some similarities, like a floating digital gauge cluster and a thin digital display on the passenger side of the dash.

The face of the car is significantly different to the Revuelto, characterized by slit-like headlights and large daytime running lights with a hexagonal shape. The car also has large intakes at the top of its rear fenders, and looks to be considerably shorter overall compared to the Revuelto.

While the Huracán and its Gallardo predecessor have been closely related to Audi’s R8 supercar, the Temerario will borrow from the Revuelto, including the adoption of the V-12 supercar’s carbon-fiber tub. This makes sense as the R8 is now out of production, and whatever supercar Audi will launch next will be electric.